Ralp's Game Boy collection (only the consoles). In total there are 81 units, 41 different models.
Tricoma - Post industrial Oxide Freak
Ralp - A Game Boy DMG adapted in a larger box. With a 8 steps digital sequencer and some modifications: - Random glitch selector - Distortion Potentiometers - Glitch video out - RCA Pro Sound - Noise generator and one chanel insert.
Ralp - Some small modifications to control Mssiah. A switch to enable/disable the second SID chip, four controls X-Y and a feedback potentiometer. Also a blue led, a reset button and a pro sound audio output for SID2SID.
Ralp - Random Noise Generator V.2
Ralp - Random Noise Generator V.1
Tricoma & Degon - Acliclas Terror Sportive!!
Llave Allen - Tropical Tunning. See the video on YouTube here.
Ralp - Analog Sequencer in process. Sonarmàtica 2009
Snail, Ralp, Lautaro - MicroBCN @ Sonarmàtica - Circuit bending in Niu (Barcelona)
Ralp - Live @ Meneo Móbil - Sonar [Off] (Barcelona)

Ralp - Turboümbra.
The last release of Ralp for Chippanze net label.
100% DMG & LSDJ.

Ralp - Sequotequal EP.
Released in Spoomusic Net Label. Contains 6 tracks of my old stuff and my first song made with LSDJ. (100% DMG & LSDJ). FREE DOWNLOAD: Click On Image
Tricoma & Degon_Post Biohuman Huge Series !!!
Flyer MicroBCN @ Sonarmàtica (20/06/2009)
Flyer NFFCTS#3
Tricoma, Degon & Friends_Destroy Le Camioneur.
Tricoma & Degon_Super Huge Weird Human!!!
Tricoma & Degon_Centainer
Tricoma & Degon_Mini Rooftops.
Ralp & Degon_Postindustrial Numeric Encriptation.
Device D98-4C_Instalación postindustrial para Red Bull Music Academy. (Foto con Lomo Fish Eye 2)
Device D98-4C_Instalación postindustrial para Red Bull Music Academy de Barcelona.
Device Stickers
Device T-Shirts_Piezas unicas y exclusivas para miembros.
Device in Vic
Tricoma & Degon_Vic
Ralp & Snail Live @ Niu (Barcelona)
Ralp 8 Bit Live @ L'Eclèctic (Torelló)
Ralp Live @ NFFCTS#2 (Sintra)
Ralp in Miscelänea !!!
Ralp, Random & Säla @ Miscelänea (Barcelona)
Distortled Box @ Miscelänea (Falta el Nude Boy)
Ralp Live @ DIY#3 (Barcelona)
Ralp & Snail Live @ KM (Barcelona)
Ralp 8 Bit Live @ Alicante
Ralp & Snail Live @ Alicante
Ralp 8 Bit Live @ Utrecht
Ralp_Gold DMG !!!
Ralp_LSDJ Keyboard
Ralp_Game Boys DMG con modificación "Pro Sound"..
Ralp_Colección de teclados. Unos cuantos Casio y algunas rarezas !!
Tricoma_Rural Capirote !!!
Degon & Tricoma_Super Rooftop!!!
Tricoma & Degon_Post-industrial Skulls
Ralp Live @ Behind Bars VII, London. (Photo by Sveldt)
Ralp Live @ Cultura Copyleft Festival 2008
Ralp, Dj Scotch Egg y Rigo Pex_Sonar 2008
Tricoma & Degon_Pixel Mosaic